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How To Get Your Schedule Jam-Packed with Qualified Homeowners Who NEED A New Roof...(and have no problem affording your premium prices)


Hamza Ahmad, 
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I’ve spent the last 3.5 hours with my mouse hovering over the publish button for this post, 

Because it’s taken a lot to put this out there in a public forum, but I need to get it off my shoulders. I’ve miserably failed all of you, 

and for that... 


We’ve let this go on for WAY too long - and selfishly, I wasn’t doing everything I could to protect you from the wrong-doings of today’s marketers.


While your last ad agency was trying to find a course that taught them how to get you results…

(this ACTUALLY happens and it’s kinda sad...)

We were busy serving DOZENS of Roofers across the country…

Spending tens of thousands of dollars on research & development making our service BETTER…

Hiring AMAZING coaches who’ve been in your shoes to walk you through solutions to problems you’ve probably become accustomed to living with…

Accruing more data than the NSA on how to get your ideal homeowner to go from lead to paying for your premium prices for a new roof with zero hesitation…

Allocating a ridiculous amount of resources to solve what we’ve seen as the BIGGEST problem plaguing modern Roofers looking to grow their businesses…

...and managing over 1.2 million dollars in advertising spend for Roofers.

(yes, that’s right - 1.6m in Roofing advertising ALONE)

This experience allows us to do what 99.9% of our copy-and-paste “Competitors” can’t…

And NOW it’s time for us to right our wrongs.



First off -

Guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll (literally) HAND-DELIVER you a check for $5,500...

Seriously, I’ll hop on a plane and bring it right to your office. 

We’re THAT devoted to protecting you from another ‘Mom’s Basement Marketer’ fresh off the latest guru’s webinar on how to make money online

Second -

We’ll do all the legwork for you. 

No more relying on referrals, shady lead providers (Homeadvisor, Angieslist), or knocking-doors.

i.e. LESS time away from family & MORE time to do things you enjoy with people you love.

You just have to show up & do what you envisioned you’d be doing back when you first decided to get licensed as a roofing contractor…

Third - 

We’ll pre-qualify homeowners and ACTUALLY set the appointments ourselves so you never have to lift a finger calling and chasing around tire kickers…

This is a GAME-CHANGER for any roofer who’s ever been frustrated by waking up to an empty schedule and wondering how to "crack the code" on getting new jobs in todays market.

Because, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now -

There’s a HUGE difference between a "lead" and REAL appointment where you get to sit at the homeowners dinner table and discuss the benefits of getting a new roof.

Click the link below for early access to this exclusive program:
Listen, I know exactly what you’re thinking ... and your BS meter is probably going through the roof right now. 

We aren’t some losers with a laptop and a couple of hours of YouTube education.

We’ve built a REAL business, grown from the wildfire spread of referrals from roofing clients (just like you…)

With results like these (below) you can see why we haven’t needed to advertise yet….
"We just hit a record month. We went from doing $800k per year to $450k a month"
"My phone has not stopped ringing since I started working with ROOFx!"
"We've made so much additional revenue with the program that we're now hiring extra staff"
So...what if you had a system that predictably produced your desired amount of the jobs you want every single month?
And what if that system worked in the background, passively, while you focused on creating incredible experiences for your customers?

What if you had a reliable marketing department at a fraction of the cost that...

You don't have to manage, because you're confident they're in your corner doing what needs to be done (Providing you with the security and reassurance that when there's a problem, it's being taken care of to your standards)

Efficiently trains your reps and staff on how to manage the inbound flow of new appointments to your office (Turning your people into appointment closing machines ... even if they've never had experience working with appointments coming from the internet)

Produces measurable results over the long-term and continually focuses on long-term solutions (Creating strong foundations and duplicatable processes your business can use to sustain growth or expand into new locations)

Stays on top of marketing trends so you don't have to... (No more sleepless nights trying to figure out the latest "funnel" or "lead provider" that MIGHT produce the results you desire IF you buy their marketing package)

Gives you INSIDER ACCESS to the BEST training available for closing new homeowners from Facebook (You won't be able to find this anywhere else...)

You'd no longer be at the mercy of relying on an unpredictable revenue source like HomeAdvisor, Angieslist, Thumbtack or how many doors you knock...

And your "best" months now, will eventually be considered a "slow" month... even in the colder months, you'll have a full pipeline.

How would it FEEL to wake up 30 days from today, look out your bedroom window and SMILE knowing you're more than on your way to exceed the goals you've set for yourself as a contractor?

How good would it feel to watch that debt dwindle away into nothing, because you've created the additional revenue to wipe it out in no time?

How great would it be to finally hire that sales rep and manager to take some of the workload off your plate?

What difference would it make in your relationship with your spouse or your kids to be able to take them on a quarterly vacation ANYWHERE you wanted WITHOUT stressing out about the sh*t-storm you're going to come back to when you get home, struggling to get more work?

This is exactly what we do for our roofing clients.

And for a limited time, we're opening up our services to select Roofers all over the United States

To apply, click here or the button below and fill out the survey on the next page and book your complimentary Roofing Breakthrough Call with me.

So let me tell you just how confident we are that we can help you get where you want to go in the next 90 days…

I PROMISE you, the value that you will receive from this call will be enough to pay for your time 100x over if you implement the strategy we design for you (even if we don't accept you as a client... seriously we turn away 70% of applicants).

And if you don't feel you got any value from the call we'll give you $100 for "wasting your time"...

THAT'S how confident we are that you'll be blown away by this program.
Now click the button below and start the survey. This could be the most life-changing 3 minutes you invest all year, so take the survey seriously - (we'll cancel your booked session if you don't either way)

...And if that isn't enough for you. Scroll below to check out PROOF that our clients are getting high quality HOMEOWNERS THAT SHOW UP AND ACTUALLY SIGN UP FOR NEW ROOFS!!!!

Isn't it time YOU get to experience what it's like to...
→ Have TOO MANY jobs that you have to schedule far out
→ Scramble to hire a new rep because you're growing too fast
→ Take a stress-free vacation without worrying about your 'numbers' being down when you get back
→ Confidently KNOW you're on track to DOUBLE your business in the next 90 Days...

If that sounds good to you, and you like that we're putting our money where our mouths are ...then click the button below and let's get started.
Still not feeling 100% sure? No worries... It's totally normal! 

Read the testimonials below and see real stories from actual roofers seeing REAL results before booking a call!
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